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Featured Patient Stories

Meet Taylor

What was life like before bariatric surgery?
My weight was greatly impacting my ability to do everyday tasks. Walking through a grocery store would leave me sweaty and irritable, I had very little energy to run and play with my kids, and I avoided social interaction at all costs because I was so ashamed of my appearance.

If you put off the decision to come in for a long time, why was that? What kept you from booking a consultation?
I put off weight loss surgery for years. I was ashamed that I had got myself in this position, and I didn’t feel that I deserved to lose the weight “the easy way.” I now know that even with the tool I received doing WLS, it still takes a lot of hard work, life change, and discipline for the tool to work effectively.

What was it like to work with the team, from the start of your journey to today?
The process of getting surgery approved with insurance and completing all appointments/requirements to be cleared for surgery was so much easier than I could have ever imagined. A big factor that kept me from getting surgery earlier was all the “hoops” you have to jump through, but PWLC is truly a well-oiled machine. They handled everything! And all the surgeons, medical team, and staff are incredible!

What is your life like now? What’s the #1 thing you love being able to do now?
I love having more energy to keep up with my kids. I meet up with old friends or go to work functions with my husband without fear of being judged for my size. I no longer have to shop for plus-sized clothes, and actually enjoy experimenting with clothing styles I stayed away from before surgery.

I love having more energy to keep up with my kids.