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Gastric Bypass

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At Florida Coast Weight Loss Center, we are passionate about helping patients achieve their weight loss goals. Our dedicated bariatric surgeons are experienced in gastric bypass surgery and provide patients with the continued support required to implement positive lifestyle changes to sustain lasting weight loss. Our bariatric surgeons have extensive experience managing obesity with weight loss surgery. We are proud to serve patients in the Orlando, Jacksonville, and Daytona Beach areas with a range of advanced bariatric procedure options designed to reduce excess body weight such as gastric bypass surgery. 

Risks Associated With Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass surgery is generally considered safe when performed by an experienced bariatric surgeon. However, as with any surgery, there are risks which include bleeding, blood clots, infection, dumping syndrome, vitamin deficiencies, internal hernia, and regain of weight.1

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Comparison of Surgical Procedures

Sleeve GastrectomyGastric BypassDuodenal Switch
Excess Weight Loss50-65%50-70%80-90%
Rate of Weight LossFasterFastestFastest
ComplicationsOccur EarlyOccur Early or LateOccur Early or Late
ReversibleNoVery DifficultVery Difficult
Implanted DeviceNoNoNo
Hospital Stay< 1 Day1 – 2 Days< 1 Day – 1 Day
Time Off Work1 Week2 Weeks1 Week
US Track RecordSince 2000Since 1960sSince 1950s
Anti InflammatoryOkNot OkOk
Follow UpLeast FrequentMore FrequentMore Frequent
Weight RegainYesYesLess Likely
Convert Procedure to AnotherYesDifficultYes

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If you live in or near Orlando, Jacksonville, or Daytona Beach and are interested in learning more about gastric bypass surgery or other bariatric procedures, please contact our weight loss practitioners today to schedule a consultation. Our dedicated team can provide the support you need for success. 

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1 Johns Hopkins Medicine. Risks of Gastric Bypass Surgery: Anastomotic Leaking. Available: Accessed June 2, 2022. 

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