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The FCWLC Patient App – MyCoach

FCWLC has partnered with Coach Catalyst to utilize a state of the art app called MyCoach by Coach Catalyst.  To download the app, find us on the App Store using your mobile device and search MyCoach.  Once you have elected to proceed with our program, you will be enrolled by one of our team members.  After enrollment, you will receive an email with the MyCoach link and login instructions.       

Smart device app:

MyCoach is our pre and post op educational platform.  This is where you will find the Pre and Post Op Video Series along with the Finish Strong Program.  In addition, we also use an additional app called Baritastic. Baritastic is a functional program that facilitates multiple tracking metrics.

Smart device app:

Using our app you’ll be able to:

  • Set daily reminders for any required vitamins, supplements, and medications.
  • Log daily water and food intake.
  • Set activity goals and monitor daily exercise.
  • Journal daily check-ins on your weight loss progress.
  • Access healthy recipes for continued weight loss and grocery shopping lists.
  • Find resources to aid long-lasting weight loss including FAQs About Weight Loss Surgery, our Bariatric Handbook, discharge summary, your pre-op & post-op diet, and more.
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Baritastic App

Step 1: iPhone Click Here to download on an iPhone 

Step 1: Android Click Here to download on an Android 

Step 2: Enter Code 69281 when promoted


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Contact Florida Coast Weight Loss Center

If you have questions about the weight loss surgery resources listed here, please contact us for more information. The providers at Florida Coast Weight Loss Center are dedicated to being your partner in the journey to a healthier new you and look forward to answering any questions you may have or scheduling your bariatric surgery consultation. Whether you live in Orlando, Jacksonville, Daytona Beach or far away, we are here to support you at every step.

The surgeons at Florida Coast Weight Loss Center have either authored or reviewed and approved this content.