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At Florida Coast Weight Loss Center, our mission is to empower our patients to achieve happier and more fulfilling lives through healthy, sustained weight loss. The key to achieving and maintaining weight loss lies in embracing three universal pillars of health and wellness: nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes. That said, we realize that each person’s weight loss journey is unique. This is why we focus on a multi-faceted, personalized approach and tailor each patient’s success plan to suit their needs and goals. We offer a wide range of resources to our patients, ensuring that each one finds the tools that motivates you. One of the most recent additions to our weight loss tool kit is our partnership with Port Orange Fit Body Boot Camp.

Interested in joining Fit Body Boot Camp? Contact the team at Fit Body Boot Camp in Port Orange to start the membership process!

What is Fit Body Boot Camp?

Fit Body Boot Camp in Port Orange is led by certified personal trainers and life-long friends Sandi and Candy. With more than 40 years’ combined experience as respiratory therapists as well as experience working with post-surgical bariatric patients, Sandi and Candy understand the unique challenges that weight loss surgery patients encounter. 

The coaches at Fit Body Boot Camp also understand that our patients have busy schedules, which is why they offer 30-minute group workouts specifically tailored to your specific needs.  These brief but vigorous workouts are designed to challenge, but are led by trainers dedicated to creating a positive and encouraging environment ideal for helping clients adapt to a fitness lifestyle.

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Another Step in Your Weight Loss Journey

Our partnership with Fit Body Boot Camp is especially strong because Sandi and Candy have founded their personal training center on the same foundational principles we embrace. They also provide nutritional counseling and healthy lifestyle coaching customized to meet your unique needs. 

Fit Body Boot Camp is the perfect next step in our patients’ weight loss journey, providing the accountability, guidance, and encouragement you need to succeed.

Ready to Get Started?

To learn more about Fit Body Boot Camp, contact the team at Fit Body Boot Camp in Port Orange to start the membership process!

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