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Featured Patient Stories

Meet Hayley

Hayley's weight loss transformation

What was life like before bariatric surgery?
My weight gain stopped me from being me. It ruined my personality, and I shut down. I couldn’t bend over to tie my shoe; putting pants on was a chore, and you can forget about clothes shopping. I did not even want to see myself in the mirror, and I avoided the camera. Medically, my knees and back hated me.

If you put off the decision to come in for a long time, why was that? What kept you from booking a consultation?

I had been considering surgery for a few years, and I worried too much about what people thought. I decided after gaining 90lbs shortly after a job change. I realized I needed a tool to help me out.

What was it like to work with the team, from the start of your journey to today?

 It has been a fantastic journey. Everyone has been professional, encouraging, and sincere. The knowledge that has been shared has helped me so much. I continue To reach out if I have questions, and everyone is willing to help. 

What is your life like now? What’s the #1 thing you love being able to do now?

Look at me in the mirror and smile at myself. I’m not where I want to be, but I am SO much better than I was before. I love myself. I enjoy shopping for clothes, and I feel more confident as a partner to my boyfriend.

I love myself