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Featured Patient Stories

Meet Grace

Grace's weight loss transformation

What was life like before bariatric surgery?
Before surgery I was always tired. Always needing a nap. At 356 pounds, My body was struggling. I couldn’t keep up. My seatbelt barely fit. All of my clothes were uncomfortable. I constantly worried about my health and often had anxiety attacks. My thyroid was terrible. My blood pressure was climbing. I knew I had to do something. My breaking point came after my 5th pregnancy. My water ruptured at 21 weeks. I spent 2 months in a bed on hospital bedrest. Our youngest was born at 29 weeks, and came home 6 weeks later. Spending that time on bedrest really weakened an already failing body. The whole experience of spending so much time alone in that hospital room really gave me time to think. It also brought so much perspective back to what living should look like. Life is too short to not live it fully.

If you put off the decision to come in for a long time, why was that? What kept you from booking a consultation?
It took me years to take this step and do this for myself. As a mom, it’s so easy to ignore your problems , because you can always use the excuse that your kids come first. One particularly rough day, I decided to google weight loss surgery. The PWL website popped up. I immediately took the quiz. That put everything is motion for me.

What was it like to work with the team, from the start of your journey to today?
My journey was amazing. It was coming to the realization that I mattered. Me. I wasn’t only just a mom. I wasn’t only just a wife. I was worth the time and effort. The staff at PWL walked by me every step. From the initial consult, to billing, to the many appointments and tests, I always felt like I was surrounded by my best cheerleaders. The kindness, compassion, encouragement, and friendship, everyone has shown to me, has been a huge part of my success.

What is your life like now? What’s the #1 thing you love being able to do now?
Oh goodness. Life now is freedom. I’m down 115 pounds in 6 months. So far, my biggest victory is not only fitting into my wedding dress from 17 years ago, but it being too big. I can run. I can wear beautiful clothes. I can eat to simply eat, and not feel like it controls my life. I love the energy and excitement that each day now holds. I’m so incredibly blessed that Christ placed me on this path with PWL.

Life now is freedom.

Grace J